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Ørsted Whistleblower Hotline

See something?
Say something!

In this reporting system you can quickly and easily report concerns about actual or suspected misconduct to help protect Ørsted's integrity.
You can choose to remain strictly anonymous, however we encourage you to provide your name in the report. Regardless of whether you do so or not, please open a secure post box. This makes it easier for us to communicate in a confidential and anonymous way. Most cases are best resolved with some clarification questions from the investigation officer.

Provide as much information as you can. It is also possible to upload files, copies of documents etc.
All reports will be kept strictly confidential to the extent permitted by law.. 

Please note that this is not an emergency response call center. 

The reporting system can be used by employees, business partners, suppliers, customers and any affected community.

If you are an employee of Ørsted you may also consider to address your concerns to your manager, your manager's manager or a business unit Compliance Officer. A list of these can be found in Vital. You are also asked to consult the policy on Good Business Conduct, found above and on Vital.

Suppliers, agents, business partners and other third parties of Ørsted are asked to consult the Code of Conduct for business partners.

Whistleblowers will experience no retaliation or other negative repercussions from their decision to come forward and speak up.

Click on the 'Go to reporting' button to begin your report. 

You can also report using the Orsted Whistleblower Hotline app (available on Google Play and App Store) or call the hotline (click here to see an overview of the available local tollfree numbers).

Should you not wish to report to Ørsted but to a public independent and autonomous external reporting channel, you may report to the Danish Data Protection Agency here: Whistleblowerordningen i Datatilsynet, ], or to the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission here: SUBMIT A TIP | Whistleblower.gov


The Danish Ministry of Justice has published a number of guidelines (in Danish) which you can access here: https://www.justitsministeriet.dk/temaer/whistleblowing/ https://www.justitsministeriet.dk/temaer/whistleblowing/  Likewise, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission has published an overview of the Whistleblower Program as it applies to U.S. derivatives and commodities markets (in English), which you can access here:  PROGRAM OVERVIEW | Whistleblower.gov

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What can be reported?
Case Handling
Use the reporting system to report on any true and serious concern, breaches of our code of conduct or violations of the law including issues relating to:
  • theft and embezzlement
  • accounting manipulation
  • financial fraud 
  • bribery and corruption
  • serious breaches of internal policies 
  • serious breaches of competition laws
  • serious breaches of EU tender law rules (EU public procurement rules)
  • serious breaches of the EU data protection regulation (EU GDPR)
  • breach of legislation on
  • insider trading and market
  • manipulation/abuse in connection with wholesale energy products and financial products
  • breach of financial regulations, including (but not limited to) AML, MiFID, MAR, REMIT
  • breach of U.S. energy regulations, including rules issued by FERC, Regional Transmission Organizations, the CFTC, and trading exchanges
  • breach of regulations on environment and safety
  • serious personal injury
  • serious workplace harassment including sexual harassment and discrimination
  • serious violation of human rights and labour rights
  • breaches of EU laws and regulations
  • serious breaches of laws and other serious matters
If you choose to remain anonymous, neither Ørsted nor the web service provider Got Ethics will have any means of tracking or identifying you.
No cookies, IP address or similar is stored.

We do however ask that you keep communication lines open by generating a secure, anonymous post box. This is done once you have completed your reporting. 

The post box allows you and the investigating officer to engage with the case, perhaps asking clarification questions which almost always results in a more successful outcome. Check your post box after a week.
All reports will be received and assessed by a special function within Ørsted's Internal Audit.
Internal Audit is an independent function reporting directly to the Ørsted Board of Directors, via the Audit & Risk Committee.

Every case will undergo a proper investigation of facts. The number of individuals involved in each case will be strictly limited.

The Hotline is monitored 24/7 and all new investigations are initiated within a few days of receiving the report. 

All reports are entered directly on a secure server and strict data security policies are applied. All processing of personal data is carried out in terms of applicable national and international laws with the specific aim of protecting the rights and freedoms of persons.